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The World Ends With You Rating

SubaSeka TWEWY Rating
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Welcome to subaseka_rate, a rating community for the newest Nintendo DS game called Subarashiki Kono Sekai (or The World Ends With You). If you're new to the concept, a rating community is a place where you fill out an application and get rated by other participants as someone or something related to the game. Ready for the rules?

Be nice to others. It's the golden rule here
002. JOIN
You must join to participate
003. VOTE
Keep constantly voting to stay alive and bold your vote. After seven votes, you'll receive your badge/pin (stamp). Keep voting for others though! You must vote for at least three other participants before posting your own application. You will be required to provide links.
Seven days time limit on reposting apps if you aren't happy with your stamp
005. TRUTH
Fill out apps to the best you can, but please stay truthful. No point in bending answers to get a specific character if the answers aren't you right?
006. LJ-CUT
Lj-cut your apps! It's much cleaner and easier to read behind cuts
Type noise somewhere in your subject line to prove you've read the rules and be voted on... fail and face erasure (no votes)

Ready to apply? Copy and paste the following code, fill it out, and complete your mission! Remember to vote on everyone else too and just have fun.

May I help?
Sure can! The more help the better! Go here to let us know.
I don't know how to lj-cut!
No worries. Go here to learn.
What if I don't know all the characters?
You can always refer here for a complete stamp list, however you aren't limited to it depending on the theme. Do keep in mind to not vote with any spoiler comments if someone marks their app as Spoiler Free. I know it'll be a little hard, but try to respect that not everyone has finished playing. Yet.
What's a theme?
Every month or so, there will be new rate subjects that can range from anything regarding the game. It's all to have fun and keep alive.
I'm stamped and got my badge. How do I do the code?
Go here. You have the option of collecting your badges on your profile or simply putting up a text link. You don't have to put every single stamp you get. Just one (the current) will do if you like.
I want to vote on unstamped people so where do I go?
I love you! Go to the tags here and look for "unstamped".

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